April 18, 2011

Religious Easter Printable *free download*

I wanted to subtly (or maybe not-so-subtly) remind my kids why we celebrate Easter.  So I decided to create a printable that simply reminds us that He is risen.  His resurrection is why we truly celebrate.  Hopefully displaying this sweet reminder will help us all stayed focused on the meaning of Easter.  Click HERE to download - enjoy!  Happy Easter!
I'm printing green - what color are you printing?


Lynda said...

I'm so glad you offer this, we do need to teach our children that Easter isn't the bunnies and chocolate, it's the Lord's resurrection and atonement. Thankyou so much!!

Kindra said...

Love this! We spoke to our kids the other day about what sacrifice means...no TV for a week now. Children should be taught the only reason for Easter...Jesus Christ died for us. So thankful for God's gift!

I'm your newest follower.

A Keilen said...

Thanks for offering this printable, it's beautiful! I printed it in green on photo paper to be framed. I came over from Lacy's Catholic Icing blog. Easter Blessings to you!

nmetzler.com said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Helen Pelzer said...

Thank you for the lovely art to remind ourselves and our children of His great love for us.

Karen Thomas said...

Hi. It won't let me download. Anything I can do?

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